Turning over a new leaf. Du renouveau, on recommence. On sent les racines prendre vie, s'étirer dans le sol et grandir. Prendre leurs places, s'exprimer, se transformer, devenir. On entend les sons du printemps.


''The sentence starts the…

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Backstage antics!

Had a bunch of fun with these guys playing for Canada Day in Quebec City...we did Canadian songstress' Luba's big 80's hit ''Let it go'', Lost Fingers' style...these guys are tight!

Dreaming new rêve de renouveau

I had such a weird dream last night. I mean, it was so out of step with my current reality!

Usually, the meanings of dreams reveal themselves pretty quickly but this one eluded me, even after several details being recalled.

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Spring has sprung...tout repousse!

Yep, that's me, covered in mud. I was working in the rain, doing a big transplant job spreading these huge, rustic perennials to another spot. I had a ball digging in the garden...playing hooky from my desk and computers, getting…Read more

Coming Full Circle...Boucler la Boucle

When I was a teenager, I went through a pretty intense rebellious...I'd like to call it a phase, but deep down I'm still punk. I just mellowed out a bit. 

There weren't a lot of mohawk haircuts in 1985 Trois-Rivières…

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Shedding the old skin...faire peau neuve

Last Fall, I was walking in one of my favorite forests out here in the Eastern Townships, feeling kind of unsure about what to do next. My former band was going on hiatus but I felt I wanted to keep…

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Why Eleven...pourquoi le onze?

My destiny number is 11. It's considered a master number, meaning it cannot be broken down by adding the ones to make a two. Its meaning is deep and strong. As I write this, it's 11:11pm! (No, I wasn't waiting…

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Our first show...notre premier concert!

Already! This gig offer came as a delightful surprise. This lovely promoter, Louise Rousseau from Scène des Galeries d'Aylmer, really loves music and decided to create this brand-new three-day indie fest in Gatineau. You gotta love people like that. And…Read more