Dreaming new dreams...je rêve de renouveau

I had such a weird dream last night. I mean, it was so out of step with my current reality!

Usually, the meanings of dreams reveal themselves pretty quickly but this one eluded me, even after several details being recalled.

Since I just couldn't figure out its message, I did a little Heart Math to put myself in a better receiving mode. I then got the intuition for automatic writing, just letting one's subconscious mind decide what to write without stopping to think about meaning.

Well, it turns out my dream represented the continuation of a dysfunctional pattern that my mind was logically trying to keep going, even though I feel my current life is dysfunctional no longer and neither is my heart!

This reminded me of Moses in the desert, walking around in circles for 40 years...

Now, why did they all do that? So that a brand-new generation could be born in freedom. Even though they technically had already broken free from the shackles of slavery, their minds were still programmed in the slavery mentality, hence the need to wander around long enough that a brand-new generation could be born into something totally different. 

For this brand-new generation, slavery was not an option, it wasn't even a memory! Therefore, they were much freer than their parents and able to pursue their dreams far beyond just the ideal of becoming free.

That's what my weird dream was telling me: my subconscious mind was still in the groove of hardship, strain and danger. And there's no more need for that. Since the end of 2012, everything changed but as I'm finding out, it does take a while to acclimate to this new reality.

So during my automatic writing, I asked: how could I break free from my own self-imposed slavery?

I've been saying affirmations out loud for months now, I know how powerful they are.

I was then given this lovely new declaration to affirm:

''I am free from any kind of bondage. I cut the links and cords binding me to past experiences that make me feel defeated. I am alive with promise. I am magnificent and I am ready to come into my power as of this moment. I am well and free and I live in perfect abundance. I take control of my life and steer it in the direction of my choosing. I am successful, grand and mighty and I radiate love, joy, compassion and quiet strength. I feel the joy of God in my body more and more and I am able to find new ways to express these energies. I am powerful. I change my life to my liking. I have a wonderful, loving partner and it is proper for me to require this because I am ready to spread my Joy to empower others, both in my community and around the world. This is as I say and I make it so.''

I feel these are the perfect words to accompany a drawing I made when I was little. I rediscovered it a few days ago when my 11 year-old neighbour Alexandra came over after school for help with her homework. As we chatted, I got out this scrapbook my grandmother had gifted each of her grandkids when we were little. It had a section for every school year and it turns out I'd saved a lot of art! I showed the drawings to Alexandra. She got a kick out of it and so did I.

I see a little girl, happy and shiny, with a huge star right above her head. The sun is out, the moon is out, her best friend's there, birds are flying around and the picture reflects a giant sort of optimism. A true knowing of how great, happy and wonderful life can be. This little girl was still connected to Spirit, she was truly in the Flow. And you know what? So am I.

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