5 things I'm grateful for...5 raisons pour être reconnaissante

Yep, another one. No, I did not request an eleven room at the front desk!
(Although to be fair, I'm totally requesting this from the Universe by making a big deal out of this eleven thing.)

So...here are 5 things I truly appreciate about the very first gig we played on March 3rd, 2017:
  • When I saw the room number I was given, I thought: oh, this is a good sign. Plus, it was a nice hotel. I love those! I might never tire of staying in hotels. I consider it a perk of my job. Thanks, Festival INDEO :)
  • The promoter thought of me for her festival line-up. Only 9 bands were asked to this three-day event, and eliza eleven was one of them! This is probably because we clicked when we last worked together, collaborating quite a bit on the promo side and sharing some nice chats here and there. Kindness pays, y'all. Thanks, Louise Rousseau :)
  • The soundman I already knew from a past gig so I knew I'd be in good hands cause that time, the sound was really good. Lemme tell ya, this took a whole lot of pressure off. I felt reassured! Thanks, Yvan Tanguay :)
  • My original guitarist couldn't make it but my first choice of replacement said yes. We'd done an album a few years prior and I knew we'd work well together. Even though we only had two rehearsals and he's currently working on a classical guitar degree (eliza eleven stuff is another feel entirely), I knew things would turn out ok and they did! It was nice to play together again and people dug his sound. Thanks, Paul Audy :)
  • A bunch of family members showed up. I mean, like, eight people. And they all bought their tickets! I felt so loved and supported, it really helped. Thanks, Caron-Shallhorn folks :)

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